Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Home Depot in the News

It’s been on the news that Home Depot confirmed a breach of their payment data system.  Because of the rentals, and renos we have been doing, both Beau and I have used our credit cards multiple times since April.

They are offering identity protection services, through AllClear Pro in US, and Equifax for Canada.  I’ve been trying to reach Equifax all day, but the phone has been busy.  Finally I managed to get through after being on hold for 10 minutes.

On the phone the Customer Service Representative gave me a promotional code for 1 year of credit protection and walked me through how to set it up at http://myservices.equifax.ca/pplan/.  Done.  One year of protection.  It says the plan automatically renews after 1 year, but I did not enter any credit card information so it probably don’t.  Just in case I put a note in my calendar to check in 11 months from now.