Monday, September 8, 2014

Selling the old Phone

As you recall I broke the screen to my iPhone 4s awhile back and got a Nexus instead.  I've been docking my iPhone to my speakers to play music for baby.  I figured I can't sell it because it's damaged and two generations old.

This morning I at 3am-ish when I couldn't fall back asleep I suddenly thought I should see if I can do something with it (Donate?  Recycle?).  Here is what I found for options.
  1. try stores like Apple or Best Buy and see how much they will give you for trade in value
  2. try selling phone to places like Cash Converters for cash
  3. try sites that will give you a quote online for your phone, and send you shipping envelope for shipping in your phone, and pay you once they have confirmed the receipt and evaluated the phone
  4. try selling it on Craigslist or Kijiji
Considering the condition of my phone, I don't think Options 1 & 2 would take it.  I got a couple quotes for option 3, but the quotes were low and not guaranteed.  So I went with option 4, and listed it on Kijiji for $40.  I got 20 responses in one morning!  Obviously I listed it too low.  I considered deleting the ad and re-listing for higher.  But I decided on a quick and easy.  I sold it to someone on the condition that they'd pick up at the mall right buy where I live right after I get off from work.  He was very accomodating since he was getting the phone so cheap.

So there you go.  Don't let electronics sit there doing nothing.  Try to sell it (your garbage can be of value to someone).  If you can't sell it, at least recycle it.