Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fix what you have and save

I’ve been looking around for work shoes. This is a cost I’ve already justifiedand am prepared to spend. However, when I was shopping with Jen yesterday I saw these gel heel huggers. They might be just the thing to fix a pair of my shoes, which I hardly wear because they keep slipping off when I walk.

The heel huggers went on yesterday and so far so good. I’m wearing them at work today. I’ve already walked all around the office, up and down the stairs a few times. They no longer slip off like before. Also since it doesn’t slip off every other step they are more comfortable.

A new pair of shoes was going to cost me between $50 and $90. Heel huggers cost me about $4.50 (with the staff discount) and now I have brand new pair of shoes.

Now if I could just find a place that re-heels shoes. Two pairs of my favorite shoes are almost totally worn at the heels. If I fix those two, I’d be all set with three pairs of shoes all for less than the price of one.