Thursday, November 15, 2007

Skis – Buying vs. Renting

Winter is coming. I’m starting to obsessively check weather reports in the mountains again. I’m so excited about cross-country skiing. It's something I started doing last year and I loved it. Compared to downhill skiing it’s cheaper and less crowded, and I get a great workout outdoors.

Anyway, I have been considering buying my own equipment instead of renting. The rental places sell their used equipment in the fall and it’s a great opportunity to get some deals. But all things considered I have decided to stick with renting.

A complete set of used equipment would cost about $230 (I was going to buy new boots so the price would be higher).

Renting cost $17 per trip. To justify $230, I’d have to take 13 trips. That is a lot of trips. I’d have to depend on the weather, trail conditions, my travel schedule, and my friends’ schedules. Sadly, I’d be happy if I get 5 trips in this winter season.

Also, if I rent I don’t have to store the skis, and I am guaranteed well maintained and relatively new skis every time.


SavingDiva said...

Skiis are expensive!

Anonymous said...

You are assuming the purchased equipment will only last one season which is probably not accurate.

Nothing wrong with renting however!


Esme said...

You are right. A good set of skis will last for a very long time.

From experience things change a lot for me in two years. Who knows if I'll be in a city where i can ski regularly. Usually, if I don't get my money's worth within the first two years I don't buy it.

Renting also save me the trouble of having to transporting it or selling it when I move.