Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Credit Card Dispute

I started using credit cards 7 years ago, and in that 7 years I filed two charge disputes.

The first time I was buying a bus pass, the man swiped the card and told me it was rejected. Well it wasn’t, although I couldn’t prove it at the time. I bought the pass on the same day, on the same card, at a different store. Also, I never signed anything at the first store so it was no too bad disputing that charge.

The second time, the woman swiped it twice and nothing happened on both tries. Then I gave her another card to swipe. Again nothing happened, until I noticed that there is no paper in the printer. I believed that the charged went through all three times. She didn’t. I called both cc companies and of course I was right. However, they say I couldn’t do anything until they were processed. One was very easy to dispute because there were two identical charged made at the same time. But to dispute the second charge has been a hassle because I need to prove that I’ve paid by other means.

Luckily, I paid by another credit card instead of cash. I just have to fax in the statement with that charge on it. Having that fax accepted and put onto my file has been a problem though. It got lost the first time. Then I was away for two weeks. I just faxed the information again yesterday but it takes 48 hours for the ‘mail room’ to scan the information on to my file. I'm calling them tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get this done before I leave for Egypt.

Both disputes were a lot of work. During the first dispute the fraud department actually put my card on hold while I was traveling (That second card came in handy). I’m glad I can get my money back in the end.