Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Soia & Kyo coat

In the Spring I bought a Soia & Kyo Spring/Summer coat. Everyone who has seen it loves it. It was a luxury purchase, about $250. This weekend, I was browsing Winners with my friend who was looking for Matt & Nat bags.

I didn’t have any specific plans to buy anything because I was in a lazy, don’t want to try on clothes kind of mood. Then she finds this cute little Soia & Kyo coat just my size. I tried it on and it was love. Regular retail was about $300. For that price, there would’ve been major indecisiveness on my part until my friends, my family, and myself finally convince me to buy it. However, the Winners price tag is $150, which made the decision a lot easier. Just the regular ‘Oh do I want more stuff to clutter up my closet and when will I wear it’ kind of indecisiveness. Of course it’s not from this year’s winter collection but who cares!

Moral of the story, Winners has some good stuff if you have the patience or a good friend to help you look.


Anonymous said...

which Winners location did you find it at? I'm out in Vancouver and haven't come across that.

Esme said...

I'm in Alberta. Actually, I never really noticed until my friend pointed it out. I tried to find Sis a Soia & kyo coat at another location, and it took a little bit of digging.