Monday, November 19, 2012

Potential Tenants

Beau and I have noticed that this time we have had more response than any of the other times we were trying to rent out our place.  This is weird because I thought that we would have a lot of trouble since people don't want to move during the winter.  Also, I took a look at the comparable to ensure my pricing was inline with everyone else (when I posted I just did what the current tenants are paying).  All comparable places available for rent are priced about $50-100 higher than the summer time when we first rented this place.

We have two potentials we like.  One of them is a single mother with a little girl, another is a young couple (very young like 18) with a baby boy.  Our preference is the mother because she seems very responsible, but she's waiting to hear back from her #1 choice (we are her #2).  Beau has another batch of people scheduled for Wednesday.  So I think we are close to making a decision.

Now for the parade of screened out applicants:
The ones who smoke, and asked if they can smoke inside.  The couple of friends who showed up in work boots and asked if they can keep their shoes on.  The one who looked high and was particularly worried about optimal conditions to grow plants.