Thursday, August 1, 2013

One thing at a time

Has it been 8 months since I updated!? Time has really flown by.  To be honest, I’ve been itching to blog, but time just got away with me.  I have so much to tell, let’s take it one thing at a time.

First thing.  I bought another rental.  That brings my total number of properties to three (or 5 suites).  Sis wants to buy another one, and now Mom and Dad want one too.  It’s funny.  When people hear about how much money we can make on rentals, everyone wants to do it.  It’s like the new fad amongst our friends and family.  But what they don’t realize is the amount of work that goes into it.  Well, Sis, Mom and Dad does because they have had to help on occasion when Beau and I just didn’t have enough time. 

This month we had two new sets of tenants move in.  It basically consumed all of my free time.  Between interviewing potential tenants, doing minor renovations, cleaning, painting, shopping for replacement appliances, we were at one of the houses everyday after work or on the weekends.  One place, the oven took me 3 hours to clean.  Sure we charged the tenants money because they didn’t clean it.  But not enough to cover the 3 hours of pain and breathing in fumes (I had to resort to Easy Off).  How could someone be so dirty?  This is something you cook food in!

Finally yesterday everyone moved in and we are scheduling a weekend of catching up (on sleep, with friends, on laundry etc.).  Phew!