Sunday, August 4, 2013

R & R this weekend

Sometimes the weekends are more hectic for me than the weekdays because that's the time we have to deal with the rentals.  I'm starting to get worn out, so I'm declaring this weekend of R & R (from the rentals at least).

What do I do on an R & R weekend?  Here is what I have in the plans.
  • Some backyard work because there are some over grown shrubs I'd like to trim
  • Dry clean the pile of clothes that's been collecting for a couple months
  • Organize my closet.  I always thought organizing by color doesn't make sense, but now that I have a close that's is open I'd like to try it to see it if makes the close look more organized.
  • Try to make a recipe I found for Procvencal Tart (I always wanted to try making since I had these while I was in South of France and loved it.)
  • Apply for a job I saw earlier this week
  • Get some physical activity (Tennis?  Walk?)

Have a good long weekend all!